Community Outreach

We want local residents to be active, informed citizens, to help you to protect and promote your interests and to understand your legal rights. The Centre runs an extensive programme of community based activities. This includes peer mediation programmes in local schools; hosting educational talks and seminars on topical legal issues; and, a weekly drop in advice clinics, where we meet individuals and provide advice and guidance on any legal problems you may be facing.

Community Mediation

The community mediation service in Ballymun enables people dealing with disputes to engage in working out their difficulties through face to face meetings, at a local level. Mediators facilitate families who have fallen out, and help them to manage difficult conversations and to assist them to overcome difficulties and challenges. This approach equips individuals with the skills they need to move forward and to help resolve future conflicts that may arise in the future.

Trinity Comprehensive Law Club

The Centre runs the Law Club for transition year students in Trinity Comprehensive school. In 2016, the class visited the Central Criminal Courts where they witnessed the administration of the law at first hand, giving students a birds eye view of the Irish criminal law system. Students examined the Constitution; considered suggestions for referendums; and, the scope of the citizens’ assembly.

Legal Education

The Centre has developed an innovative legal education programme over the past ten years. This is an ambitious programme dedicated to providing the Ballymun community with Ireland’s finest legal minds, delivering a variety of courses, seminars and workshops on relevant and important matters. The purpose of delivering courses on legal issues is to help demystify the law for people and to present it in plain English.


06.12.2023 General

Celebrating 21 years of Community Law in Ballymun

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29.11.2023 Education

Human Rights Video prize winners

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14.11.2023 General

EVENT: Celebrating 21 Years of Community Law in Ballymun, 30th Nov 12pm

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