Our series of legal information podcasts, in partnership with Finglas Maypole Radio: https://finglasmaypole.airtime.pro/

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Click here for podcast 1: Mental Health Law
With solicitor Gary Lee
Duration: 9mins 47secs
Covering: Applications for Involuntary Admissions; Admission Orders; Time Frames; Mental Health Tribunals.
For further information see: https://www.mhcirl.ie/what-we-do/mental-health-tribunals/information-patients


Click here for podcast 2: Tenants’ Rights

With solicitor Gary Lee
Duration: 16mins 06secs
Covering: Private residential tenants’ rights from leases, to rent increases, termination notices and disputes.
For further information see: https://www.threshold.ie/advice/


Click here for podcast 3: Unfair dismissal and the WRC.

With solicitor Gary Lee
Duration: 13mins 13secs
Covering: The role of the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) in unfair dismissal, how to bring a case and what the WRC can do for your complaint.
For further information see: https://www.workplacerelations.ie/en/


Click here for podcast 4: Your rights when buying a used car

With solicitor Gary Lee
Duration: 7mins 28secs
Covering: Warranties, reputable dealers and common issues that arise.
For further information see: https://www.ccpc.ie/consumers/cars/your-rights-if-things-go-wrong


Click here for podcast 5: The illegality of the war in Ukraine

With solicitor Gary Lee
Duration: 11mins 11secs
Covering: The illegality of the war, seeking refuge in Ireland, international law, and prosecuting war crimes.
For further information see: https://www.immigrantcouncil.ie/index.php/news/ukrainian-crisis-how-you-can-help


Click here for podcast 6: Making a Will

With solicitor Gary Lee
Duration: 11mins
Covering: Rules around making a will, executors, probate, what happens when no will is in place.
For further information see: https://www.lawsociety.ie/Public/Legal-guides/Wills–Probate/Your-will


Click here for podcast 7: Your rights if you were discriminated against.

With solicitor Gary Lee
Duration: 12mins 48secs
Covering: Categories in the discrimination act; how to make a complaint; the role of the Workplace Relations Commission; what might happen in a hearing.
For further information see: https://www.ihrec.ie/your-rights/