BCLC provides mediation as a form of dispute resolution. We offer peer and community meditation using trained volunteer mediators. Our services include:

  • Community mediation.
  • Mediation for family disputes (aside from separating couples).
  • Provision of accredited mediation education and training.
  • Provision of conflict coaching to prepare people to better manage situations of conflict. See Conflict Coaching Info
  • Peer mediation and conflict coaching with secondary school students in Ballymun.

How does mediation work?

The aim of mediation is to help parties involved in a dispute to reach an agreement acceptable to both sides.  Mediation can be a time-saving and cost-effective alternative to taking legal action to resolve a dispute. The process is voluntary, confidential, and impartial. Following a meeting where the mediator talks to the parties separately, a follow-up joint meeting is arranged. During the meeting all parties get the opportunity to tell their story.

The Mediator is neutral and encourages the parties to co-operate with each other to work out mutually acceptable arrangements. If an agreement is reached at mediation the Mediator can draw up the terms of the agreement, which is signed by both parties. The agreement is not legally binding, but is based on good faith.

Community mediation

Community mediation can resolve neighbour disputes and relive stress in people’s lives. It can provide resolutions to situations that would otherwise end up in legal proceedings or with tenants losing tenancies.

Community mediation can prevent tenancy loss, can resolve stressful and tense situations, and gives people back the power to address situations in their own life. It prevents conflict erupting in less constructive ways. It is an empowering process ensuring that all parties are satisfied with the outcome and come to a mutual agreement.

What sorts of disputes can Community mediation help with?

  • Boundary disputes
  • Breach of the peace
  • Complaints about noise or nuisance
  • Issues around pets
  • Cases of anti-social behavior.

Peer Mediation: Conflict Resolution Training for Children

Peer mediation is an internationally recognised programme of conflict resolution aimed at children aged 11 & 12, who are usually in 5th and 6th class.

Ballymun Community Law Centre has been working successfully over the last ten years with six of the eight primary schools in Ballymun on a peer mediation programme. The goal of peer mediation is to reduce conflict and to provide children with problem-solving techniques which they can use themselves. Peer mediation is successful because is empowers students, which in turn motivates them to behave more responsibly.

The Centre is also working with Trinity Comprehensive on a peer mediation programme specifically designed for secondary schools to build on the capacity of their first year students who participated in this training in primary school. We have also introduced the mediation training to the transition year classes.


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