What is conflict

Conflict with others is a normal part of our everyday lives be it at work, with family, friends or in our community. Conflict arises when there is a clash between individuals arising out of a difference in; thought process, attitudes, understanding, interests, cultures, religion, perceptions. A conflict can lead to heated arguments and loss of relationships. Sometimes we can manage situations by ourselves, but in some cases, the conflict continues to get worse, and we end up confused and/or angry, unable to see a way forward.

What is conflict management coaching?

Conflict management coaching is a confidential, one-on-one service in which a coach will work with you over a few sessions, to help you to find a way through the conflict. The coach will work with you to set clear conflict management goals, specifically tailored for your situation, and map out the best way for you to achieve them. Coaching in this way will help you to manage the distress you experience in conflict and give you confidence and clear plan on how to achieve a positive outcome to the situation you find yourself in. It is a future-orientated and voluntary process that focuses on each person’s conflict management goals.  Conflict management coaching is not therapy or counselling, it is an opportunity to learn practical ways to prevent and manage conflict.

How does it work?

Conflict coaching sessions are one on one sessions. They can be done in person in a private room at Ballymun Community Law Centre or on Zoom. At the first session, you and the coach can decide on the number of sessions and decide on a schedule that works for both of you.

When can conflict coaching be useful?

Conflict coaching can help you deal with difficult situations in cases like:

  • Difficult co parenting relationships
  • Dealing with a difficult neighbour or community members
  • Complicated family relations
  • Complicated living arrangements
  • Preparing for court or family mediation
  • Challenges in the workplace

How can I sign up for conflict coaching sessions?

Contact us to discuss your issue as a first step. If we can help we will assign a conflict coach to you free of charge for people living in Ballymun and surrounding areas.

Watch these videos on conflict coaching for further inormation