Employment & Social Welfare

Date: 17/08/2021

The Centre offers information, advice and in certain cases representation in the area of Employment and Equality Law. The Centre primarily advises and represents employees. Some of the wide variety of issues dealt with are:

Contracts of Employment
Dismissal/Constructive Dismissal/Wrongful Dismissal
Statutory entitlements
Annual leave, Carer’s leave, Maternity and Parental leave
Bullying and Harassment
Health & Safety issues at work
Right to fair procedures (grievance and disciplinary procedures)

Helpful Links

Trade Unions: If you are a member of a trade union contact your representative.

Irish Congress of Trade Unions
Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation
Labour Relations Commission
The Equality Tribunal
Free Legal Advice Centres

BCLC deals with cases concerning all types of social welfare benefits.

Social Welfare
In respect of appeals, the Social Welfare Appeals Office can determine a case by way of written documentation or by holding an oral hearing. In some cases, we can represent individuals at the oral hearing.

Helpful Links
Citizens Information Centres
Free Legal Advice Centres
Department of Social Protection
Social Welfare Appeals Office