We offer information and advice and in certain cases representation to people with debt problems. Problems can include arrears in mortgage and rent, personal loan and credit card debt, electricity, gas and other bills. We also offer help to people who are facing debt enforcement [...]

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Consumer Rights

We offer information and advice to people about their rights as consumers. If you have bought a coat or a car, you have rights as a consumer. If you need to make a complaint or take a case to the Small Claims Court we can [...]

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Family & Relationships

We provide a family law advice and information only clinic for people in Ballymun who have not yet engaged the services of a solicitor. This involves a free 30 minute "one-to-one" appointment with a solicitor. The information and advice service is being offered on the [...]

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Employment & Social Welfare

The Centre offers information, advice and in certain cases representation in the area of Employment and Equality Law. The Centre primarily advises and represents employees. Some of the wide variety of issues dealt with are: Contracts of Employment Dismissal/Constructive Dismissal/Wrongful Dismissal Discrimination Statutory entitlements Annual [...]

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Housing & Living Arrangements

We offer information and advice on landlord and tenant disputes, local authority and housing related anti-social behaviour issues. We may offer legal representation in housing cases. Threshold also provide advice on housing matters, including applications and transfers, points for local authority housing lists, social and [...]

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